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TBI Across the Lifespan: research to practice


The Federal Interagency Conference on Traumatic Brain Injury brings together clinicians, researchers, consumers, and policymakers to share cutting-edge advances in TBI research and clinical care.

This event will provide an opportunity to learn about the seminal advances in TBI research and clinical care that have served to advance the field and to change service, practice and policy.

POST-CONFERENCE: Cognitive Rehabilitation Training Course JUNE 14 – 15 >>

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The Mission of the Federal Interagency Conference on Traumatic Brain Injury is to showcase Traumatic Brain Injury research, clinical care, and policy that has been largely funded by various federal agencies.

What’s Coming In 2018?

What you loved from 2011 will be returning in 2018 & then some:

• Outstanding plenary speakers & educational symposia
• Representation of TBI across all life stages from pediatrics to geriatrics
• Content representing the major focus areas of TBI research, service delivery, and policy
• ALL the big players in the same space
• Networking opportunities galore
• Concurrent educational sessions
• Scientific papers & posters
• Post-Conference Instructional Courses:  2-Day ACRM Cognitive Rehabilitation Training & 2-Day ACBIS Training Course for Brain Injury Specialist Certification

Who Should Attend

All rehabilitation professionals, administrators, those with TBI and their family and caregivers — all those who want to know the latest advances in research and clinical care.

• Administrators • Athletic Trainers • Bioengineers • Biomechanists • Caregivers • Case Managers • Clinical Epidemiologists • Clinical Researchers • Movement and exercise specialists • Neurologists • Neurosurgeons • Neuropsychologists • Nurses • Occupational Therapists • Physiatrists • Physical Therapists • Physicians • Professors/Educators • Psychiatrists • Psychologists • Recreational Therapists • Rehabilitation Nurses • Rehabilitation Psychologists • Rehabilitation/Academic Researchers • School Administrators • School Nurses • Speech-Language Professionals • Students/Postdoctoral Fellows  • Teachers • All members of the Rehabilitation Team • Those with TBI & their family

Why This Interagency Conference on TBI

• CME / CEUs available in 13 disciplines
• Robust education offerings — hundreds of sessions & posters
• Leading researchers in the field
• Support from federal agencies
• The MUST-ATTEND rehabilitation research event for TBI
• Multidisciplinary
• Great location — HILTON Washington, DC
• SO SPECIAL, this event only happens once every 6 – 7 years

Why This Event Is Unique

• Brings together all members of the rehabilitation team for PEER-TO-PEER learning at its best
• Provides a platform for critical INTERDISCIPLINARY exchange
• Translates and disseminates the LATEST RESEARCH findings
• BRIDGES THE GAP between research and practice
• Addresses EFFECTIVE PRACTICES across the continuum of care
• Promotes a COLLABORATIVE & INCLUSIVE culture
• Informs EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE and standards
• CONTINUING EDUCATION credits available in 15 disciplines
• Support from leading federal AGENCIES

More Than A Conference

THIS EVENT is SO UNIQUE it only happens after enough time has passed and after REAL changes have occurred.
That is when we must reunite and collaborate!


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